Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited you are interesting in joining us. Lichter Landings is the first large general aviation project in nearly a generation at KBJC that caters to non-jet pilots and owners. We don’t have anything against jets! It is just our time in the sun. We hope this document answers most of your questions. If you have others, feel free to call Chris Robbins, the developer, at 720-254-9110.

What is Lichter Landings?

Lichter Landings is a private 175+ hangar development with a small private hangar club open to anyone in the Metro Denver aviation or aerospace community. The hangars range in size from T-Hangars, to several large ones. Anyone in the community can be a member. Anyone can lease a hangar, on a first-come, first-served basis as explained below. We expect the first hangars will start to come online in late spring, 2022.

How do I get a hangar?

Just ask for one! You can apply here. The process is described below.

What’s this about a club?

The Lichter Landings Club was dreamed up by pilots like you. It was designed by pilots like you. We hope it will have everything you imagined from an on-the-field pilots club. Here’s a list of what we’re building. We can’t wait to meet you.

What are the Pre-Construction deposits for my Hangar and club membership and is this money refundable?

Your deposit is 100% refundable if you do not get a hangar. We have three options. Priority will be given to pilots who put down larger deposits. Assuming you are assigned a hangar, the deposit you are paying is a credit to your account. You don’t risk a dime!

Founders ClubPatrons Club
(2nd in line)(1st in line)

Having these three tiers seems to us like the right approach because 1) we need the money; 2) there are over 650 pilots on the airport waiting list.

Does the deposit lock in my Hangar rental rate?

Yes, it sure does. And you can even lock it in longer if you want to sign a longer-term lease for your Hangar, up to seven years.

Is the Lichter Landings Club initiation fee being waived for early adapters?

Yes, it is. And so are club dues! Anyone who puts down a deposit is automatically a club member without paying an initiation fee. That is a savings of $7,500. We anticipate changing this and requiring an initiation fee in the near future.

Are there recurring fees for club membership?

Patrons club members pay no dues for 10 years. Founders club members pay no dues for 3 years. All other members pay about $35.00 per month. This covers unlimited club access, social event invitations, and access to club amenities. The club’s mission is to run lean, not rich. While we will have a kitchen, it will not have a dining room, restaurant, or bar at this time. It will only have one full-time employee. The club dues will be billed through to the Hangar Owners Association.

Does the Pre-construction deposit include my hangar security deposit?

No. Security deposits are generally equal to one month’s hangar rent.

When will I get my hangar?

The current construction schedule has the first hangars built in late spring. That said, there are various types of materials shortages that may require our project to take a little longer.

Will I need renters insurance for my hangar?

Yes. We ask that you have renters insurance in place at the time of delivery in case there is an unexpected event or damage to your aircraft hangar or your belongings.

I want some special things in my hangar. Do you build-to-suit?

Absolutely, we can. We can build you almost anything you want, including offices, storage systems, pilot lounges, kitchenettes, nap rooms, and just about anything. You are also free to use your own contractor. If you build your own, the Hangar Owners Association has a plans review process prior to constructing anything in your own hangar. See a number of great build-to-suit concepts we can build for you in all of our larger hangars.

Can I buy my hangar?

Not sure yet. It depends upon a few factor including demand for sales. We have not decided yet whether to sell hangars. We do know that we need to successfully subscribe this project to make our construction lender happy. We are therefore starting with a leasing model, which permits sales later. We have formed a Hangar Owners Association to run and manage the community, as well as the club.

What is the process to apply for a hangar and what is the fee?

You can apply here for a hangar. The fee is $200.00. It takes about one day to review and respond to applications. If you are approved, a lease will be sent out to you for your signature, as well as the club membership documents, hangar owners’ association docs, and other forms. It is electronic and should take only a short time to complete. You will pay your deposit (your choice of Boosters Club, Founders Club or Patrons Club) when you sign your club membership documents.

What is the Hangar Owners Association?

The club management and the management of the facility will be handled by a hangar owners association. They will also handle maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, payment of common area utilities, asphalt and road maintenance, and much more. As with everything, we aspire to have a lean organization that is efficiently run. Hangar Owners Association dues, which will include club dues, will be billed through to all the owners and tenants.

Do you require a credit check?

Yes, we require a credit check which is conducted, along with a background check during the application process.

What is the security deposit?

The minimum deposit is one months’ rent. But it could be more if your credit score is below 650.

Do I pay utilities?

Yes, your hangar will have its own electrical meter. We have not decided yet whether other utilities will be apportioned according to a RUBS system or also metered.

Is there parking?

Yes, in addition to your hangar, there is parking at Lichter Landings.

How much is the rent?

Please consult our current rates on the listings page of this website.

Is a short term lease an option?

Yes, after the project is built we can accommodate some short-term tenants, but at a substantially higher rate.

When do I pay the deposit?

You will have to pay the deposit and other fees when you sign your lease.

Can I pay rent online?

Absolutely! We have a portal and you can set up auto pay as well.

Are there discounts available for military service members and veterans?

Yes, we do offer 5.00% discounts to military service members and veterans, and we also waive the club initiation fee.

Is the application fee refundable?

Sorry, no. We pay a vendor who conducts a credit and background check. The fees goes to these items.